You can also use the above site to look at maps showing the location of recent emergency notifications and evacuation areas.

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Special Notices




Everyone is welcome – All classes are free and open to the public.  Schedule subject to change, with updates sent out via fire dept group email (sign up above) and Nextdoor.                                   

  • Fire Mitigation in the Home Ignition Zone – Did you know that many of the most effective steps you can take to protect your home are no more arduous than yardwork? Learn what you can do to increase the chances of your property surviving a wildfire. This class will also be made available as a video on our website – watch our group email and website for an announcement.

               Saturday, June 4              3:00 pm         CLVFD Fire Station

               Saturday, June 25            1:00 pm         CLVFD Fire Station

               Saturday, August 6          3:00 pm         CLVFD Fire Station

  • Evacuation: How and When to Get Out – Don’t hesitate because you don’t know what to do.  Come and learn how to be prepared for an evacuation, how to know when it’s time to go, and what to do when the time comes. Not just Crystal Lakes specific—this information is useful to property owners in any community affected by wildfires. This class will also be made available as a video on our website – watch our group email and website for an announcement

               Saturday, July 9               3:00 pm         CLVFD Fire Station        

               Saturday, July 23             1:00 pm         CLVFD Fire Station

  • Chainsaw Safety – Learn best practices for operating that chainsaw safely and effectively. Class taught by firefighters certified as sawyers by the Forest Service.

               Classes to be announced later in the summer.

  • Stop the Bleed! – Save a life. Learn the basics of bleeding control, including how to safely and properly apply a tourniquet. Sponsored by the American College of Surgeons, this program is designed to give everyone the tools to help save friends and neighbors when disaster strikes.

               Classes to be announced later in the summer.

Recent Email Notices

Crystal Lakes Volunteer Fire Department
August 11, 2022
Good evening --
When there’s a fire in or near Crystal Lakes, everyone naturally wants as much information as they can get as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, the members of Crystal Lakes VFD are usually too busy working the fire to do things like send out group emails or post on Nextdoor. As a result, the earliest posts that show up online are typically made by people not directly involved in the incident who aren’t in a position to have full information, and thus, the information available is often incorrect and sometimes more dire than the actual situation on the ground.
So, how can you find accurate information about an incident? 
1. Sign up at or
    – This is the best way to ensure that you receive emergency alerts like evacuation notices.
    – Request to receive alerts via cellphone, text, or email (you can enter multiple numbers or email addresses). 
2. Visit the website. 
    – View evacuation maps and see recent alerts that have been sent out.
3. Text NOCOALERT to 888777.
    – Receive text updates about alerts and evacuations.
4. Visit Larimer County and LETA social media pages. 
    – LETA on Twitter @LETA_911 and Facebook @LETA911
    – Larimer County Office of Emergency Management on Twitter @LarimerOEM
    – Links to other Larimer County social media pages are here:
5. Check the local television stations for information. 
    – They’ll have any press releases sent out by the Office of Emergency Management.
    – Note: The rest of the information they have may be second-hand and thus not always reliable.
6. Sign up for Crystal Lakes VFD group emails and/or watch for posts from our official Nextdoor account.
    – Any information sent out this way will be the most accurate we have access to.
    – Note: We don’t comment on incidents — we consider it part of our duty to the members of our community to respect the privacy of people having, typically, one of their worst days — but we will correct misinformation on Nextdoor if it hasn’t already been addressed by someone. 
You can be assured that if we have any reason to believe that the incident will require the evacuation of all or part of Crystal Lakes, we will get evacuation alerts out to you via NoCoAlert/LETA immediately. It is the policy of both CLVFD and the Larimer County Sheriff’s Department to get people out of the danger zone as early and quickly as possible to ensure there’s no chance of anyone being cut off.
The graphic below about Emergency Alerting Tools comes from the Larimer County Office of Emergency Management and contains additional useful information.

Practice Wildfire Safety

People start most wildfires - find out how you can promote and practice wildfire safety.

  • Contact your local fire department, health department, or forestry office for information on fire laws.
  • Make sure that fire vehicles can get to your home. Clearly mark all driveway entrances and display your name and address.
  • Report hazardous conditions that could cause a wildfire.
  • Teach children about fire safety. Keep matches out of their reach.
  • Post fire emergency telephone numbers.
  • Ensure adequate accessibility by large fire vehicles to your property.
  • Plan several escape routes away from your home - by car and by foot.
  • Talk to your neighbors about wildfire safety. Plan how the neighborhood could work together after a wildfire. Make a list of your neighbors' skills such as medical or technical. Consider how you could help neighbors who have special needs such as elderly or disabled persons. Make plans to take care of children who may be on their own if parents can't get home.

For more information on wildfire safety, visit the U.S. Fire Administration's website.



Warning Sirens

For the safety of the community, Crystal Lakes Associations has evacuations sirens posted throughout the Association. The evacuation siren in case of failure of the dam is located near the Wapiti Mailsheds to cover the floodplain area and sounds like this whoop sound:

MP3 audio file [163.5 KB]

Property owners in the floodplain should evacuate immediately if they hear this siren; all other property owners should remain on their lots, to keep the roads clear for those evacuating the floodplain.


Sirens in ALL parts of the association will sound the fire evacuation siren if a wildfire threatens the community -- it sounds like this alert sound:

MP3 audio file [168.6 KB]

ALL property owners should evacuate IMMEDIATELY if they hear this siren. Emergency personnel will be on hand to help direct evacuating property owners out of the area.

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Crystal Lakes Fire Protection District (CLFPD)

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Crystal Lakes Volunteer Fire Department (CLVPD)

237 Blackfoot Road

Red Feather Lakes, CO 80545

970-881-3521 (Phone)

970-881-2085 (Fax)


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CL FIRES is dedicated to education, planning, and support in the areas of fire prevention and safety, wildland fire mitigation, and personal safety in the greater Crystal Lakes Community of Larimer County, Colorado.


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