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For Insurance Agents

Does the property fall within the Crystal Lakes Fire District: refer to the Crystal Lakes Map below. 

Name of Responding Fire Department:  Crystal Lakes Volunteer Fire Department

Phone Number:  970-881-3521

Protection Class: 9


Paid or Volunteer:  Volunteer

Response Time: add ten minutes to the driving time between the property address and fire station (at 237 Blackfoot Rd) per any navigation app

Are roads paved and accessible year-round:  Roads are not paved but are plowed all year.

Any physical barriers:  Only if the property itself has a locked gate or other barrier.

Number of pumpers and pumping capacity: 1 engine/pumper, carries 500 gallons, pumps 1000 gpm

Number of tankers and capacity: 1 water tender, carries 2000 gallons, pumps 750 gpm


Is there a public hydrant within 1000 from the home:  The only hydrant in the district is at 300 Tami Road (so you can check distance from the property address). It's gravity fed and attached to a cistern holding 10,000 gallons.

If not, describe the water source: Drafting from local lakes and streams with tender delivery of water to site.

Distance from dwelling: Lakes are shown on the fire district map (linked above).

Amount of water available: Effectively unlimited

Accessible by the Fire Department year-round: Yes

Dry Hydrant installed: There are dry hydrants installed at Beaver Lake (on Tuscarora Way), Catawba Pond (on Mobile Way), Lower Lone Pine Lake (at the end of Beartrap Rd), and Little Lone Pine Lake (at the end of Ada Ct).


Any full-time or live-in employees: Crystal Station is not manned

Is dwelling occupied daily:  We do not have this information about properties in our district.

Central Station Fire and Burglar alarm system installed and monitored: We do not have this information about properties in our district. We do not monitor fire or burglar alarms.


Please feel free to contact us for further information