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Address Signs

We can't help you if we can't find you.

As every Crystal Lakes property owner is aware, finding an unfamiliar lot can be difficult up here.  It becomes even harder in the dark. Clear and visible signs can make all the difference to our ability to find you.  To that end, Crystal Lakes Volunteer Fire Department asks that every property owner get a fire department address sign. These red and white signs are highly reflective and are instrumental in helping the department locate your property in the event of an emergency.  Signs cost $7 and may be purchased in the office at Basecamp.

Here are some guidelines when posting your address sign: 

  • Address signs should be posted at the end of the driveway and be easily visible from the road.  Your address sign should NOT be posted on your house, unless your house is so close to the road that the numbers are clearly visible from the road.
  • Signs should be posted between three and four feet off the ground.
  • Signs should not be obscured by trees or brush.
  • Signs should not be so low or so close to the road that they may be obscured by snow or damaged by snow plows.
  • Signs should face the most direct route to your property (the direction emergency vehicles are most likely to be coming from).  If there is more than one direction from which your property can easily be approached, it would be best to post two signs. If only one sign is posted, it should be posted parallel to the road, rather than being angled one direction or the other.

Minutes can make the difference in an emergency.