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FAQ | Ask the Fire Chief

What is the Crystal Lakes insurance rating?  
The Crystal Lakes Insurance Services Office (ISO) rating is 9.

How do I know if there is a fire ban on?  
Fire Ban notices will be posted in several places in Crystal Lakes via separate panels added to the top of the fire conditions signs. If there is a fire ban, information on the ban will also be posted on this website on the Fire Bans page. 

What kinds of fire bans are there?   

Crystal Lakes
The Crystal Lakes Fire Chief, acting under the authority of the Crystal Lakes Fire Protection Board, may establish a fire ban in the Crystal Lakes subdivision as a necessary precaution based on current conditions.  This decision takes into account the weather, drought conditions, and other fire-danger signs specific to the Crystal Lakes Area (much of this information is available from links on the Local Area Wildfires page). Crystal Lakes fire danger may not be the same as in the rest of the county, and may not match the fire danger in Glacier View or Roosevelt National Forest -- different conditions exist in each location. The ban instated by the District is on burning in Crystal Lakes only, and contravention of the ban may result in a visit from the fire dept (to extinguish the fire) and possible fines levied by the Crystal Lakes Road & Recreation Association. 

Larimer County 
Larimer County has the authority to instate fire restrictions of various levels, from a complete ban, in which no fires of any sort are allowed, to bans of any open flame that cannot be switched off, and so forth. County-wide fire bans apply to all areas of the county, including Crystal Lakes. Contravention of a county-wide fire ban may result in the same consequences as a Crystal Lakes ban, plus additional fines and possibly legal action by the county.

How do I join the fire department?  
Congratulations for thinking about volunteering! See our Volunteering page for information on volunteering to become a firefighter or member of the auxiliary.

How can I find out what fires are burning in the area?  
The U.S. Forest Service and Larmier County have websites and information lines on fires in the area. See our page on Local Area Wildfire page for how to access this information.

Where can I dispose of ashes from my fireplace?  
There is no established location for the disposal of fireplace ashes. Below you'll find a website with excellent information/advice on safely disposing of your ash. Please do not place ash near or on flammable materials unless you are absolutely certain it is cold.  Ash may retain heat for several days, with heavier concentrations remaining hotter longer.  Stir your ash and expose all parts of it to the air, testing for heat with the back of your hand, before judging it to be cold enough to safely dispose of.  Do not dispose of ash in the trash compactor.


How can I get rid of branches and other organic debris resulting from fire mitigation on my property?  
There are several options for removing such debris, known as slash.  Many of the companies which provide fire mitigation services also provide for the removal or chipping of slash.  Chips may not be larger than 2 inches, and will decompose back into the soil most effectively if they're less than 1 inch.  Slash may also be removed to the Larimer County landfill or or taken to the Crystal Lakes Association slash disposal site on North County Road 73C.

Where do I find fire pit specifications?  
The Crystal Lakes Road & Recreation Association (CLRRA) sets and supervises fire pit requirements for the Crystal Lakes area.  For specifications and inspections, contact the CLRRA through the Crystal Lakes website or by calling the office at (970) 881-2250.