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Six Things You Can Do to Make Your House Ember-Safe

Embers coming in contact with flammable materials is the major reason why homes are destroyed during wildfires.  Here are six things you can do to reduce your house's exposure to this threat.

  1. Sweep your walkways, patios and decks regularly to remove leaves, needles and other combustible materials that may gather against your house. 
  2. Remove vegetative debris (leaves, pine needles, twigs) from your gutters and roof.
  3. Remove combustible materials from under your deck and move your firewood to a place at least thirty feet from your house.
  4. Store your deck furniture, children’s toys and other combustible items inside if a wildfire threatens. 
  5. Caulk any openings along the top or bottom of wall siding or around windows where gaps could allow embers to enter your home.
  6. Screen your vents under eves and at the foundation.  Vents are vulnerable entry points for embers and flames.  Cover them with 1/8 mesh metal screens.  Finer mesh will require more maintenance to keep free of debris.  Remember to keep air flowing freely to manage moisture in attic or under your house.