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June 28, 2022 | Larimer County Fire Restrictions

June 28, 2022

Effective Wednesday, June 29th, Larimer County will be under fire restrictions.  

We've gotten some nice moisture lately (though not enough to take us out of high fire danger), but other parts of the county have gotten very little. As the Halligan fire is currently demonstrating, it doesn't take much to get something started and for that something to spread.

The County Board of Commissioners has voted to instate fire restrictions starting tomorrow, which will be in effect until noon July 29th unless extended or ended early. The restrictions forbid uncontained open fires, the use of combustible devices, and fireworks (which, to be clear, are always illegal for private citizens to use in our area). I don't know yet whether the public fireworks in Red Feather will still be held as planned but expect a decision will be announced soon. Note: if the fireworks do proceed, a number of fire departments (including CLVFD) attend every year with brush trucks and water tenders to patrol the fall zone and make sure the display is as safe as possible.

Per the resolution, this means the following are not permitted:

  • Open fires, including camp or cooking fires.
  • Fireworks or firework displays.
  • Incendiary devices including sky lanterns, exploding ammunition, exploding targets, and tracer ammunition.
  • Welding or operating or operating acetylene or other torches with open flames.

The following are still allowed:

  • Contained open fires in permanently constructed stationary masonry or metal fireplaces specifically designed for the purpose of combustion.
  • Fireplaces or wood stoves located inside permanent structures.
  • Fires in commercially operated wood and/or charcoal fired grills designed for cooking.
  • Fires such as those in camp stoves and grills using gas or pressurized liquid.
  • Welding and other torch work within an enclosed building.

The full text of the resolution is available here:  06-28-22 Larimer County Fire Restrictions Resolution

Note: the exemption for contained open fires means approved Crystal Lakes fire pits may be used. Please be very cautious when burning in your fire pit, have a responsible adult present at all time, and do not burn without a water source close at hand to put out your campfire and any escapees (must be at least five gallons of water).


Thanks and stay safe!
Marian Kelly
Assistant Chief
Crystal Lakes Volunteer Fire Department