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Ice Rescue Training

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Photos by Harold Alexander, 2008

Ice Rescue Training -- Step One 

Cut a hole in the ice.  On the day we trained, the ice was more than 30 inches thick, so strong it would not break, even under the weight of a truck. Tony Simons and Justin Whitesell of Larimer County Emergency Services kindly volunteered to make a hole for us while we were in class.  They spent more than four hours cutting a hole in the ice with a chainsaw. Then we had to push the plug of ice down to get it out of the hole so we could get to the water.

We'll train again in the spring, when the ice is thinner and we can practice additional methods of rescue, including the use of the ice rescue sled we purchased last year with funds donated by Kay Hood in memory of her husband Ken, a longtime member of the department, and additional funds raised by our Special Duty Responders.  In the meantime, we're ready for an incident on the ice, though we hope everyone will be cautious and make all this practice unnecessary.