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2016 | Current News

I want to make you aware of a couple of opportunities we have as a community to contribute to county discussions regarding our needs and the kinds of hazards we'd like to see the county preparing for in our community.  This is your opportunity to share with county officials the things you're concerned about and the issues you feel the county needs to address.

There are currently two ways you can contribute to this discussion:
-- Fill out the hazard mitigation survey at: 

There will be additional surveys on this site in the next couple of months. Data gathered in these surveys is being used to help formulate the county five-year hazard mitigation plan, so please contribute your thoughts and concerns.

-- Attend the Community Unmet Needs Discussion Meeting, which will be held at the Red Feather Fire Station at 44 Fire House Lane in Red Feather Village on Friday, September 18th at 3:00 pm. This is a joint meeting of the Crystal Lakes and Red Feather Lakes communities, and another opportunity for you to share your input with county officials. 

The goal of this meeting is as follows:

"The Larimer County Office of Emergency Management is seeking input regarding community unmet needs. This could include areas of need from our recent wildfires and flooding, or it could involve unmet needs on a broader scale, such as communications difficulties in communities, emergency preparedness questions, evacuation planning and access issues, etc. The purpose of these meetings will be to determine needs at a community level to incorporate into three ongoing projects. 

The Hazard Mitigation Plan which allows us to identify mitigation projects for future funding (anything that may decrease future risk). 
A Local Resiliency Plan that we are working on with the Governor's Office to determine resiliency projects for future funding. 
An Unmet Needs and Community Fragility Study throughout Larimer County that will allow us to take all the information from the three projects to help us create the upcoming priorities for the Office of Emergency Management, including a community outreach and education campaign.  
With this in mind, we are scheduling meetings in various communities to open the conversation and to gather input."

Again, the meeting for our area is scheduled for September 18th at 3:00 pm in the Red Feather Fire Station.   Please come and take part.