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2015 | Beartrap Fire

The Beartrap Fire started at approximately 6:45 pm on September 2nd near the end of Beartrap Road. The fire appears to have started from a damaged and arcing transformer.  It caught in dry grass and brush and began a run uphill toward North County Road 73C. When Crystal Lakes firefighters arrived on the scene, the fire was approximately two acres in size and growing at a rate of 60-90 feet per minute. Three houses on 73C were in the immediate path of the fire and numerous other structures would be threatened if the fire succeeded in jumping 73C. Crystal Lakes VFD immediately called in mutual aid from Red Feather Lakes VFD, Glacier View VFD, Livermore VFD, the forest service, and Larimer County Emergency Services, all of whom responded quickly with multiple engines and firefighters.

There were no roads or driveways that would give access to the fire mid-slope, necessitating that all firefighting be undertaken either from below the fire or from 73C. Crystal Lakes firefighters began an anchoring and flanking attack from below the fire, running hoses and firelines up both the east and west sides. Responding mutual aid from Red Feather, Glacier View and Livermore were deployed at the houses on 73C (one agency per house) to perform structure protection and ensure that the fire did not jump 73C.  All agencies fought the fire into the night, and ultimately succeeded in saving all threatened structures and keeping the fire contained to six lots between Beartrap Road and 73C.

Crystal Lakes and Larimer County firefighters remained throughout the night to keep a watch on the fire and put out hotspots, and additional firefighting resources (fire crews from Loveland, Juniper Valley, and Buena Vista) came in on the following two days to help ensure that the fire was not just contained, but extinguished. Additionally, there was significant rain the afternoon of the 3rd, which helped immensely.  The fire was declared officially out at noon on Friday the 4th. Ultimately, the Beartrap Fire burned a total of 18.5 acres of brush and trees, with no structures lost and no injuries to responders or residents.

Crystal Lakes VFD wishes to thank our mutual aid partners for their assistance and our community members for their assistance and support.

We could not do what we do without you!