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Special Notices

Crystal Lakes Volunteer Fire Department
 October 12, 2016


Good morning --

I hope your October has been pleasant and filled with fall color!

As you know, Crystal Lakes fire department partners with CL FIRES, a locally organized non-profit established to support the fire department and promote fire and safety education within the community.  Among many other tasks, CL FIRES arranges, organizes, and staffs fundraising for the fire department.  CL FIRES has several ongoing fundraisers that support the Crystal Lakes fire department.  These are ways you can send some money our way to fund our purchase of supplies and equipment over and above what our budget allows, and best of all -- neither of them cost you a single penny! 

In addition to the community events like the rummage sale, CL FIRES has two ongoing fundraising efforts that have been big successes for us. They are the King Soopers Neighborhood Rewards program and Amazon Smile.

The King Soopers Neighborhood Rewards program uses gift cards, which are refillable.  The gift cards are available from CL FIRES Board members for a cost of $5. This covers the cost of establishing the gift card as part of the fundraising program, and the card you purchase from CL FIRES comes loaded with $5, so there's no net cost to you. Contact information for the board members is at the bottom of this page:  King Soopers donates .25% of the amount spent on these cards to CL FIRES.  We're asking our supporters to put more money on the gift cards after the $5 is spent (which can be done at the Customer Service desk or when checking out) and use them to purchase groceries, miscellaneous items, pharmacy items, and gas from King Soopers and other Kroeger businesses.  The more our friends and supporters use the King Sooper gift cards obtained from CL FIRES, the greater the benefits are to the Crystal Lakes Volunteer Fire Department. And the best thing is -- the King Soopers Neighborhood Rewards program does not cost you any money! Every dollar you put on the card is available for your use.

Our other ongoing fundraising program is through Amazon Smile.  When you purchase items on Amazon through the Amazon Smile program, the AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the price of eligible purchases to the charity you've chosen.  This means you can shop on Amazon as usual, choosing from the same broad array of products, and when you check out, a small amount of the money you've just spent will come back to our community, to our fire department.  Again, it costs you nothing, but the more you spend via Amazon Smile, the more we receive!  A lot of us already shop there anyway, so why not get Amazon to donate a portion of the amount you spend with them to our community?

Our CL FIRES Amazon Smile account has a unique link ( When you use this link, you skip the process of searching for a charity to support from the more than a million eligible charities Amazon's program supports. This makes it much easier to find us.  The link will take you to and automatically ask you if you want to support the Crystal Lakes Fire Information Resources Education and Safety Corp (aka CL FIRES).  By using this unique link, you'll be able to select CL FIRES as the charity you want to support before you start shopping. After you've done it the first time, you won't need to do it again, although CL FIRES recommends bookmarking this link and beginning all your Amazon shopping expeditions there, so you don't accidentally shop at instead of (purchases made at the former do not generate donations, so it's important that you enter the Amazon marketplace through this Amazon Smile link).


Finally, CL FIRES would also like to encourage direct donations to the CLVFD through CL FIRES, which are tax deductible and payable by check or through our PayPal account. There will be opportunities in future to support the Fire Station Remodel effort through CL FIRES with a tax deductible donation, which may be used for fire fighting and emergency services equipment needed over and above the money raised by the Mill Levy increase. 

Thanks and stay safe!  

Marian Kelly
Fire Chief
Crystal Lakes Volunteer Fire Department


Practice Wildfire Safety


People start most wildfires - find out how you can promote and practice wildfire safety.

  • Contact your local fire department, health department, or forestry office for information on fire laws.
  • Make sure that fire vehicles can get to your home. Clearly mark all driveway entrances and display your name and address.
  • Report hazardous conditions that could cause a wildfire.
  • Teach children about fire safety. Keep matches out of their reach.
  • Post fire emergency telephone numbers.
  • Ensure adequate accessibility by large fire vehicles to your property.
  • Plan several escape routes away from your home - by car and by foot.
  • Talk to your neighbors about wildfire safety. Plan how the neighborhood could work together after a wildfire. Make a list of your neighbors' skills such as medical or technical. Consider how you could help neighbors who have special needs such as elderly or disabled persons. Make plans to take care of children who may be on their own if parents can't get home.

For more information on wildfire safety, visit the U.S. Fire Administration's website.



Warning Sirens

For the safety of the community, Crystal Lakes Associations has evacuations sirens posted throughout the Association. The evacuation siren in case of failure of the dam is located near the Wapiti Mailsheds to cover the floodplain area and sounds like this (whoop sound) -- property owners in the floodplain should evacuate immediately if they hear this siren; all other property owners should remain on their lots, to keep the roads clear for those evacuating the floodplain. Sirens in ALL parts of the association will sound the fire evacuation siren if a wildfire threatens the community -- it sounds like this (alert sound) -- ALL property owners should evacuate IMMEDIATELY if they hear this siren. Emergency personnel will be on hand to help direct evacuating property owners out of the area.

Where to Find Us:

Crystal Lakes Fire Protection District (CLFPD)

237 Blackfoot Road

Red Feather Lakes, CO 80545

970-881-3521 (Phone)

970-881-2085 (Fax)


Crystal Lakes Volunteer Fire Department (CLVPD)

237 Blackfoot Road

Red Feather Lakes, CO 80545

970-881-3521 (Phone)

970-881-2085 (Fax)


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How to Contact Us

For more information, feel free to contact us by telephone, email, or by using our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!


CL FIRES is dedicated to education, planning, and support in the areas of fire prevention and safety, wildland fire mitigation, and personal safety in the greater Crystal Lakes Community of Larimer County, Colorado.


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