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Here are some pictures of the Crystal Lakes Volunteer Fire Department (CLVFD) in action. 

Ice Training, March 22, 2022

Photos © Deana Lehman

Structure Fire Training, August 5, 2021

Training, June 21, 2021

Photos © Milo David

Flag Ceremony at Base Camp and Fire Station, May 29, 2021

Photos © Milo David and David Julian

Flag Retirement Ceremony, May 29, 2021

Photos © Milo David and David Julian

Family Fun Days - Parade and other activities from various Crystal Lakes Family Fun Days, celebrated on 4th of July weekend. 

Photos © Harold Alexander

Cameron Peak Fire 9-20 through 10-1 -  From September 20 through October 1, 2020, Task Forces from Crystal Lakes VFD and Red Feather Lakes VFD joined Cameron Peak Fire Strike Teams in patrolling Deadman Road, 73C to Erie Lake, and the 9th and 14th Filings (in the early part of that period) and doing mitigation, sprinkler and portatank setup, and other tasks designed to help protect properties south of 74E considered in imminent danger from the Cameron Peak Fire (in the latter part).  

Photos © Nick Marouf

Bellaire Lake Spotfire - Crystal Lakes and Red Feather Lakes firefighters rolled out in the middle of the night to fight a spotfire related to the Cameron Peak fire at Bellaire Lake on Oct. 14, 2020.  


Pictures © Nick Marouf

Mitigation Work Oct 1 - On Oct. 1, 2020, Crystal Lakes and Red Feather Lakes firefighters did mitigation work on properties along the southern and western borders of Crystal Lakes to help protect them against the Cameron Peak Fire.  

Photos © Nick Marouf

Santa Clara Fire - In September 2019, Crystal Lakes firefighters fought a wildfire on Santa Clara Ct with the assistance of neighboring departments. The fire was kept to two acres. Pictures © Marian Kelly & Jim Kubichek


Photos © Marian Kelly & Jim Kubichek

2019 Slash Pile Burn - Crystal Lakes and Red Feather Lakes firefighters burn the slash pile at the Slash Depot.


Pictures © Courtney Guthrie


Photos © Courtney Guthrie

SCBA Training 2018 - Chief Mark Rode leads SCBA training. Firefighters must regularly train in checking, maintaining, and operating in an SCBA, which protects them from the toxic gases produced when the materials we build with burn. 

Photos © Harold Alexander

Station Pictures - Before, during, and after pictures of the station remodel. 

Photos © Harold Alexander

On April 20, 2017, the Crystal Fire Protection District Board and Crystal Lakes VFD Officers held a “groundbreaking” ceremony after the “old” station was gutted in preparation for the remodel.  

Photos © Harold Alexander

Sept 23, 2017, CLVFD invited the community to help us reopen our remodeled station with a ceremony that included “cutting the ribbon” (uncoupling a pair of structure hoses) and pushing in our structure engine. 

Photos © Milo David

Fox Acres Fire - Crystal Lakes firefighters responded to assist Red Feather Lakes VFD with a house fire in Fox Acres. 

Photos © Marian Kelly

2015 Beartrap Road Fire - Crystal Lakes firefighters called in resources from neighboring fire districts and Larimer County to fight a fire that started on Beartrap Road on September 2, 2015 and burned 18.5 acres. Responders were able to keep it from damaging any structures.

Photos © Milo David and others

Photos by Nate Hinze and Jim Kubichek - July 2013

June 2009 Training -  CLVFD firefighters train on structure hose evolutions and drafting from one of our dry hydrants. 

Photos © Courtney Guthrie

Photos by Curt Livingston

What's going on in these pictures? Click here for a step by step explanation of ice rescue training.

Photos by Ken May, Curt Livingston, and Harold Alexander

Photos by Dale Norton

Photos by Curt Livingston

In the photos below the "dirt" in these pictures is actually duff -- the thick layer of pine needles and other plant matter that gathers under trees. You should always scrape the area around your campfire ring down to mineral soil (dirt) to make sure that sparks from your fire have no fuel in which they can easily spread.

Photos by Jodi Sandquist

Photos by Curt Livingston

Photos by Curt Livingston

Photos by Curt Livingston



Warning Sirens

For the safety of the community, Crystal Lakes Associations has evacuations sirens posted throughout the Association. The evacuation siren in case of failure of the dam is located near the Wapiti Mailsheds to cover the floodplain area and sounds like this whoop sound:

MP3 audio file [163.5 KB]

Property owners in the floodplain should evacuate immediately if they hear this siren; all other property owners should remain on their lots, to keep the roads clear for those evacuating the floodplain.


Sirens in ALL parts of the association will sound the fire evacuation siren if a wildfire threatens the community -- it sounds like this alert sound:

MP3 audio file [168.6 KB]

ALL property owners should evacuate IMMEDIATELY if they hear this siren. Emergency personnel will be on hand to help direct evacuating property owners out of the area.

Where to Find Us:

Crystal Lakes Fire Protection District (CLFPD)

237 Blackfoot Road

Red Feather Lakes, CO 80545

970-881-3521 (Phone)

970-881-2085 (Fax)


Crystal Lakes Volunteer Fire Department (CLVPD)

237 Blackfoot Road

Red Feather Lakes, CO 80545

970-881-3521 (Phone)

970-881-2085 (Fax)


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How to Contact Us

For more information, feel free to contact us by telephone, email, or by using our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!


CL FIRES is dedicated to education, planning, and support in the areas of fire prevention and safety, wildland fire mitigation, and personal safety in the greater Crystal Lakes Community of Larimer County, Colorado.


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