The Crystal Lakes Volunteer Fire Department maintains and runs the following apparatus:

Photo by Harold Alexander, 2010

Tender 1

2007 4WD Freightliner capable of carrying 2,000 gallons of water, two firefighters and their gear and 750 gallons per minute.

Photos by Harold Alexander, 2007

Engine 1

2008 Ferrara International Pumper capable of carrying 500 gallons of water and five firefighters and their gear, including airpacks. Engine 1 has a pumping capacity of 1000 gallons per minute and also carries the jaws of life and other equipment for responding to motor vehicle accidents.

Brush 1

2021 Dodge Ram 5500 4WD crew cab wildland engine capable of carrying 300 gallons of water and five firefighters and their gear. Outfitted with a firefighting foam system and a pump capable of pumping over 260 gallons a minute.

Photos by Deana Lehman, 2022

Brush 2

1994 Ford Super Duty 2-door 4WD wildland engine capable of carrying 250 gallons of water and two firefighters and their gear.

Photo by Harold Alexander, 2010

Support 1

Description: 1996 ambulance repurposed into an equipment-carrying vehicle. It can carry five department members and their gear, a generator and scene lighting, and is packed with medical supplies, ice rescue equipment, low-angle rescue equipment, and anything else we can think of that we might need on a scene.

Photo by Milo David, 2021

Squad 1

 2021 Dodge Ram 2500 4WD crew cab capable of carrying five department personnel, with a cap and rear slide installed to allow it to carry a large amount and variety of equipment. This is a first-out vehicle outfitted to begin dealing with almost any kind of emergency.

Photos by Deana Lehman, 2022

Squad 2

1991 4WD Chevy Suburban used to transport additional firefighters and equipment to fire scenes. In the winter, Squad 2 is outfitted with a plow to help us reach emergency scenes in the snow. 

Photo by Marian Kelly, 2006



Warning Sirens

For the safety of the community, Crystal Lakes Associations has evacuations sirens posted throughout the Association. The evacuation siren in case of failure of the dam is located near the Wapiti Mailsheds to cover the floodplain area and sounds like this whoop sound:

MP3 audio file [163.5 KB]

Property owners in the floodplain should evacuate immediately if they hear this siren; all other property owners should remain on their lots, to keep the roads clear for those evacuating the floodplain.


Sirens in ALL parts of the association will sound the fire evacuation siren if a wildfire threatens the community -- it sounds like this alert sound:

MP3 audio file [168.6 KB]

ALL property owners should evacuate IMMEDIATELY if they hear this siren. Emergency personnel will be on hand to help direct evacuating property owners out of the area.

Where to Find Us:

Crystal Lakes Fire Protection District (CLFPD)

237 Blackfoot Road

Red Feather Lakes, CO 80545

970-881-3521 (Phone)

970-881-2085 (Fax)


Crystal Lakes Volunteer Fire Department (CLVPD)

237 Blackfoot Road

Red Feather Lakes, CO 80545

970-881-3521 (Phone)

970-881-2085 (Fax)


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How to Contact Us

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CL FIRES is dedicated to education, planning, and support in the areas of fire prevention and safety, wildland fire mitigation, and personal safety in the greater Crystal Lakes Community of Larimer County, Colorado.


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