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Here is where you can find additional information on fire bans, address signs, the firewise program, local area wildfires, fire threat assessment, national fire danger rating system, and current news.


Crystal Lakes VFD is offering property assessments to help you determine what steps, if any, you still need to take to increase your property's survivability. This can be done for any property, whether it has structures on it or not.


Use the link below to access more information on fire mitigation, to download a handy self-assessment checklist, or to sign up for a department assessment. Or contact Assistant Chief Marian Kelly at or 970-881-2049.


Fire Mitigation Advice and Assessments

SENATE BILL 03-139 (§ 1-7-908, C.R.S.) NOTICE




NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by the Board of Directors of the above referenced political subdivision (the “District”) of the information required under Section 1-7-908, Colorado Revised Statutes.


General Fund Information




Ending Balance



$  84,271.64














2015 (projected)






Station Remodel/Bond Fund Information

The District currently has no bond indebtedness.  The current funding request will be monitored through an account separate from the District’s general operating funds.  The bond retirement account for the current request will be listed as “Capital Outlay – Building Renovation”.



Short Term Debt Information

The District has not had, and does not have, any short-term debt or other financial obligation incurred for cash-flow purposes.




Amount Incurred During Fiscal Year









2015 (projected)



Emergency Reserve


The District’s emergency reserve required by Section 20(5) of Article X of the Colorado Constitution is held in the District’s Capital Improvement Fund - Building/Vehicle.


The District’s emergency reserve fund has been fully funded by cash or investments for the current fiscal year and each of the last four fiscal years.


Financial Information Review


The District’s audited financial statements for the last four fiscal years, any management letters that have been made public and have been provided to the District by its auditors in connection with the preparation of its audits for the last four fiscal years, and the District’s budget for the current fiscal year may be reviewed by any person at the following location or locations:


All financial statements for the last four fiscal years, and any management letters that have been made public and have been provided to the district by its auditors in connection with financial statements for the last four fiscal years, including the district’s current budget documents, are available for inspection by appointment at the Crystal Lakes Fire Protection District Fire Station, 237 Blackfoot Road, Red Feather Lakes, CO  80545.  CLFPD budgets and reports are also viewable on the District’s web page:


Short term debt means cash-flow debt or other financial obligation that has a term of not more than one year.

Beartrap Fire


The Beartrap Fire started at approximately 6:45 pm on September 2nd near the end of Beartrap Road. The fire appears to have started from a damaged and arcing transformer.  It caught in dry grass and brush and began a run uphill toward North County Road 73C. When Crystal Lakes firefighters arrived on the scene, the fire was approximately two acres in size and growing at a rate of 60-90 feet per minute. Three houses on 73C were in the immediate path of the fire and numerous other structures would be threatened if the fire succeeded in jumping 73C. Crystal Lakes VFD immediately called in mutual aid from Red Feather Lakes VFD, Glacier View VFD, Livermore VFD, the forest service, and Larimer County Emergency Services, all of whom responded quickly with multiple engines and firefighters.


There were no roads or driveways that would give access to the fire mid-slope, necessitating that all firefighting be undertaken either from below the fire or from 73C. Crystal Lakes firefighters began an anchoring and flanking attack from below the fire, running hoses and firelines up both the east and west sides. Responding mutual aid from Red Feather, Glacier View and Livermore were deployed at the houses on 73C (one agency per house) to perform structure protection and ensure that the fire did not jump 73C.  All agencies fought the fire into the night, and ultimately succeeded in saving all threatened structures and keeping the fire contained to six lots between Beartrap Road and 73C.


Crystal Lakes and Larimer County firefighters remained throughout the night to keep a watch on the fire and put out hotspots, and additional firefighting resources (fire crews from Loveland, Juniper Valley, and Buena Vista) came in on the following two days to help ensure that the fire was not just contained, but extinguished. Additionally, there was significant rain the afternoon of the 3rd, which helped immensely.  The fire was declared officially out at noon on Friday the 4th. Ultimately, the Beartrap Fire burned a total of 18.5 acres of brush and trees, with no structures lost and no injuries to responders or residents.


Crystal Lakes VFD wishes to thank our mutual aid partners for their assistance and our community members for their assistance and support.

We could not do what we do without you!


Current News

I want to make you aware of a couple of opportunities we have as a community to contribute to county discussions regarding our needs and the kinds of hazards we'd like to see the county preparing for in our community.  This is your opportunity to share with county officials the things you're concerned about and the issues you feel the county needs to address.


There are currently two ways you can contribute to this discussion:
-- Fill out the hazard mitigation survey at: 

There will be additional surveys on this site in the next couple of months. Data gathered in these surveys is being used to help formulate the county five-year hazard mitigation plan, so please contribute your thoughts and concerns.

-- Attend the Community Unmet Needs Discussion Meeting, which will be held at the Red Feather Fire Station at 44 Fire House Lane in Red Feather Village on Friday, September 18th at 3:00 pm. This is a joint meeting of the Crystal Lakes and Red Feather Lakes communities, and another opportunity for you to share your input with county officials. 

The goal of this meeting is as follows:


"The Larimer County Office of Emergency Management is seeking input regarding community unmet needs. This could include areas of need from our recent wildfires and flooding, or it could involve unmet needs on a broader scale, such as communications difficulties in communities, emergency preparedness questions, evacuation planning and access issues, etc. The purpose of these meetings will be to determine needs at a community level to incorporate into three ongoing projects. 


The Hazard Mitigation Plan which allows us to identify mitigation projects for future funding (anything that may decrease future risk). 

A Local Resiliency Plan that we are working on with the Governor's Office to determine resiliency projects for future funding. 

An Unmet Needs and Community Fragility Study throughout Larimer County that will allow us to take all the information from the three projects to help us create the upcoming priorities for the Office of Emergency Management, including a community outreach and education campaign.  
With this in mind, we are scheduling meetings in various communities to open the conversation and to gather input."


Again, the meeting for our area is scheduled for September 18th at 3:00 pm in the Red Feather Fire Station.   Please come and take part.

Community Letter to Larimer County Commissioners


As every property owner in Crystal Lakes knows, North County Road 73C is our only way into and out of our community.  The road is well-maintained (spring potholes aside) to the south of the community, but deteriorates as it passes into the national forest northeast of us.  Concern about this situation, and the threat it would pose in the case of a wildland fire, has prompted Crystal Lakes Fire Protection District to author a letter to the Larimer County Commissioners, asking them to take steps to improve the condition of 73C northeast of Crystal Lakes, so it can be used as an evacuation route.  CLFPD convinced businesses and organizations in Crystal Lakes and Red Feather Lakes to join the fire district in signing this letter in a show of community-wide support.  This letter was sent on 2/25, and may be viewed by choosing the link below.  The district ranger of Canyon Lakes Ranger District, through which this section of 73C passes, is also contacting the commissioners to express his support of this effort to improve and widen the road, and so can you. Please show your support and add your voice to those urging the Larimer County Commissioners to improve our ability to evacuate Crystal Lakes in the event of a wildland fire by contacting the County Commissioners (contact information available here:    Thank you.

County Commissioners 73C letter sent 2-2[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [1.2 MB]

2014 4th of July Family Fun Day and Parade 

Jeanette Williams and John Haack Coordinators


Everyone mark your calendars for the Crystal Lakes Volunteer Fire Department’s annual FAMILY FUN DAY and PARADE on Saturday July 5, 2014.  Come help us celebrate our nation’s birthday and honor our Fire Department, who work very hard for us all year long. There will be a hamburger and hot dog lunch served in the Community Center.  Check out the games for kids of all ages.  The Fire Department will take pictures of families and kids with a decorated fire truck.  All the fun will be near the Crystal Lakes Community Center front parking lot between 9am-12:30pm. The community parade will start at 1:00 p.m. with prizes for the best of show.  Parade line up will be at 12:30 pm at the Fire Station.  Each year there are several parade entries including marchers, tractors, cars, ATV’s and even musicians. This year the Fire Department will be extending their vehicle parade along North and South Ottawa Way around Panhandle Lake to celebrate this national holiday.  Bring your family and friends for a great day of fun.  Volunteers are always appreciated; please let Jeanette Williams know if you can help at 881-3612.  


CLVFD Annual Rummage Sale

Another Success for Our Fire Department and Our Community!

By Susan Weeks


Sunday, May 26th was a beautiful spring day and a very busy one for volunteers and shoppers.  The CLVFD Annual Rummage Sale and Monday Bag Sale with food sales and CLVFD logo item sales sponsored by CL FIRES earned nearly $2600 for the Crystal Lakes Volunteer Fire Department.  There was food for hungry shoppers and workers.  Buffalo chili, beef chili and pork green chili with corn bread and tortillas were available for purchase.  Jane and Jim Tiffin donated the bison meat.  Randy Roberts, Jeanette Williams and Susan Weeks prepared the various types of chili to sell.  Helen Bowlin provided CLVFD logo items for Chuck Glanz to sell.  Mark Weeks entertained the children with fire department stickers, information and the opportunity to try on some fire gear, sit in the fire truck and activate the siren.  What fun!


The Crystal Lakes community was once again very generous with all their donations for the rummage sale and we thank all those who donated and shopped!  This was another successful event for CL FIRES, CLVFD and the community.


There were many people who volunteered to receive donations, to set up and price the items for sale, to sell food, to work the Monday bag sale and to help pack up.  CL FIRES wants to sincerely thank all the above mentioned individuals and also Helen Koller, Sharon Cooper, Susan Vance, Lorraine Fratelli, Jan and Dwayne Sawyer, Shirla and Doug Race, Mike Schrodt, Ray Williams and Joe Jackson.  If we have missed anyone in our thanks, we are sincerely sorry.  

CLFPD Mourns the Loss of One of its Own


Crystal Lakes Volunteer Fire Department is grieved to report the passing of one of our own.  Herb Cooper, a long-time member of the department, was a Special Duty Responder and at varying times had been Traffic Control Officer and Secretary of the Board.   He was a good friend, and will be greatly missed.


Red Feather Lakes Fire 


At 1:00 am on the morning of December, CLVFD firefighters and special duty responders were called in to assist Red Feather Lakes VFD when high winds brought down power lines in Red Feather Village, starting a structure fire.  Crystal Lakes VFD joined Red Feather Lakes VFD, Glacier View VFD and Livermore VFD in fighting the fire as it was spread by the wind from the original structure to a second structure, ultimately causing more than a dozen other spot fires and small wildland fires.  The original fire also overheated a propane tank, which blew up and smashed into the POA building, causing severe damage.  Crystal Lakes firefighters carried out primary attack on the structure fires and remained until after 10:00 am to conduct mop-up and verify that all hot spots had been dealt with. 


Links for pictures and information on the Red Feather Lakes fire: 

(the blue fire trucks & the firefighters working with them are YOUR department at work)


Larimer County Emergency Services

Channel 7 news

Channel 9 news


November 15 CLFPD Board Meeting:

Ray Williams President CLFPD accepts appreciation letter from Senator Mark Udall and US Senate Resolution honoring all military,  emergency and fire department personnel on behalf of the Crystal Lakes Volunteer Fire Department from Pamela Shaddock Regional Director for Senator Udall.

CLFPD receives donation from Livermore Community Hall Fund Raiser Event

Linda Adams from the Livermore Community Hall Fund Raiser presented Ray Williams, President of the Crystal Lakes Fire Protection District with a check for $ 4459 on September 2, 2012. The Livermore Community held a fund raising event to express appreciation to the volunteers and Larimer County emergency service agencies who responded to the High Park Fire. David and Rae Smith who are Special Duty Responders for the CLVFD attended the event and expressed appreciation to the CLVFD personnel who responded. CLVFD responders were Ron and Ardie Yowell, Jim and Jane Tiffin, Kate Kelly, and Marian Kelly. The CLFPD sincerely appreciates this donation and is proud of the efforts of the Crystal Lakes Volunteer Fire Department.

Names of people in pictures: left to right are unknown and Linda Adams, Livermore Community Representatives; Ray Williams, Pres CLFPD: Dan Defibaugh, VP CLFPD: Jan Sawyer,Board Member CLFPD: Shirla Race, Treas CLFPD: Mark Weeks, CLVFD; Don Hass, Sec CLFPD: Jim and Jane Tiffin, SDR CLVFD; Joe Jackson, Cadet CLVFD and Doug Race, CLVFD


CLFPD Receives Donation from Schrader Propane

The Crystal Lakes Fire Protection District received a generous donation of $ 3608 from Schrader Propane. Schrader Propane ran a fundraising campaign, matching their customers' donations, for the volunteers and Larimer County emergency service agencies responding to the High Park Fire. The CLFPD sincerely appreciates this donation on behalf of the Crystal Lakes Volunteer Fire Department.



Warning Sirens

For the safety of the community, Crystal Lakes Associations has evacuations sirens posted throughout the Association. The evacuation siren in case of failure of the dam is located near the Wapiti Mailsheds to cover the floodplain area and sounds like this whoop sound:

MP3 audio file [163.5 KB]

Property owners in the floodplain should evacuate immediately if they hear this siren; all other property owners should remain on their lots, to keep the roads clear for those evacuating the floodplain.


Sirens in ALL parts of the association will sound the fire evacuation siren if a wildfire threatens the community -- it sounds like this alert sound:

MP3 audio file [168.6 KB]

ALL property owners should evacuate IMMEDIATELY if they hear this siren. Emergency personnel will be on hand to help direct evacuating property owners out of the area.

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Crystal Lakes Volunteer Fire Department (CLVPD)

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970-881-2085 (Fax)


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CL FIRES is dedicated to education, planning, and support in the areas of fire prevention and safety, wildland fire mitigation, and personal safety in the greater Crystal Lakes Community of Larimer County, Colorado.


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